Generalized factor model for ultra-high dimensional correlated variables with mixed types ---- 林华珍(西南财经大学)
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报告题目Generalized factor model for ultra-high dimensional correlated variables with mixed types*  ; 


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As high-dimensional data measured with mixed-type variables gradually become prevalent, it is particularly appealing to represent those mixed-type high-dimensional data using a much smaller set of so-called factors. Due to the limitation of the existing methods for factor analysis that deal with only continuous variables, in this paper, we develop a generalized factor model, a corresponding algorithm and theory for ultra-high dimensional mixed types of variables where both the sample size $n$ and variable dimension $p$ could diverge to infinity. Specifically, to solve the computational problem arising from the non-linearity and mixed types, we develop a two-step algorithm so that each update can be carried out in parallel across variables and samples by using an existing package. Theoretically, we establish the rate of convergence for the estimators of factors and loadings in the presence of nonlinear structure accompanied with mixed-type variables when both $n$ and $p$ diverge to infinity. Moreover, since the correct specification of the number of factors is crucial to both the theoretical and the empirical validity of factor models, we also develop a criterion based on a penalized loss to consistently estimate the number of factors under the framework of a generalized factor model. To demonstrate the advantages of the proposed method over the existing ones, we conducted extensive simulation studies and also applied it to the analysis of the NFBC1966 dataset and a cardiac arrhythmia dataset, resulting in more predictive and interpretable estimators for loadings and factors than the existing factor model.